Soay Sheep

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Soay, Boreray & Balwen

Rare Breed Sheep  

in the hills of South Wales





Soay and Boreray Sheep

A brand new Website that will grow in the coming months.  Articles, photos, information and history of both breeds of sheep.  


Southern Oregon Soay Sheep Farms

Soay sheep were taken to America in the 1970’s.  British Registered animals are treasured by their owners, follow this link for a comprehensive and practical website with historical detail and photo galleries   


Old Line Soays   A British Registered flock of Soay Sheep in Maryland, USA.    


The Rare Breeds Survival Trust

Describes the work of the conservation charity through which our sheep are Registered


Michael Darlow’s DVD and Book

Michael has produced and narrates a wonderful 22 minute DVD based on his trip to St. Kilda, entitled “Soay - sheep on the island at the edge of the world”.     

His “Sam’s Soay Sheep Book” is a delightful children’s story book with facts and lots of pictures


Island Cruising on the MV Cuma

Contact skipper Murdo Macdonald to arrange a trip to St. Kilda to see Soay sheep and explore wildlife in the Hebrides   


St Kilda

Explore the National Trust for Scotland’s website describing the St Kilda archipelago ~ home of Soay and Boreray ~ photographic tours, information on management of these remote islands, and more


The Balwen Sheep Society

Informative Breed Society website


The Soay Sheep Society

Friends of the Soay and Boreray