Welcome to the Gaerllwyd Flocks of Rare Breed Sheep.  Our flocks live in the hills of South Wales between the Usk and Wye river valleys.  We have three rare breeds ~ Soay sheep and Boreray sheep which originate from the St Kilda archipelogo on the western edge of Scotland, and also Balwen sheep which are from Mid-Wales.  

All our sheep are frequently handled and have Registered Pedigrees.

Advice gladly given on all aspects of keeping these fascinating rare breeds of sheep ~ and visitors are welcome by appointment.  

We usually have livestock for sale.  If you need a couple of sheep to add some colour to your flock, want a nice starter flock, or a ram to borrow, or some wethers to help you maintain pasture, we generally will have the sheep you need.     

Enjoy our website, and contact us using the link.

Take a look at our Photo Galleries where you’ll see more of our own flocks and sheep we’ve seen on the beautiful Scottish Isles.   

The Sheep

Attention to animal welfare and integrity in our breeding programme is of the utmost importance to us.  It makes care for these sheep a pleasure.  

These are rewarding, ancient breeds.  They are prized for their role in conserving the diversity of British livestock.

Our sheep are Registered with the RBST so their ancestry can be traced and their provenance is assured.

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